Can Another Give You Enlightenment?

QUESTION: Hi Kristina~

I was wondering if it were possible for someone to fully awaken my kundalini for me? If someone has the ability to masterfully work with energy, I do not see why someone would be unable to safely awaken someone else's kundalini through the crown for them? Or why they could not directly raise someone's vibration to a level of enlightenment for them. I do not understand this "do it yourself" thing. If someone is suffering, why couldn't another help them out. I hope you find this letter. Thank you for your videos. :)

ANSWER: Thank you for your email and questions, yes you are right another person can assist in the awakening of another but only if that person is ready for that shift. In truth no one ever heals another, in fact we can only act as blueprints for others to find their own truth. But if another is not ready then we cannot do anything.. suffering is a choice as cruel and cold as that may sound like its an universal truth. If you haven’t done the work and if you’re not ready then you will not shift. The purpose is not for everyone to experience enlightenment and not experience any suffering. That’s not why you’re here.. You are here to awaken yourself, to find yourself back to Source. If someone else would just take all your suffering all your pains and ‘give’ you enlightenment then what’s the purpose of coming in to the physical dimension and experience duality? 

Your soul is here to evolve, to experience suffering yes, to experience how it feels to be out of touch with love and to find yourself back to Love. That’s the purpose of the experience of duality. In fact there’s no goal other than the journey itself. A true teacher will show you the way but you will have to walk the path yourself. No one else will ever do the work for you… that’s why we keep coming back and coming back, ‘suffering’ needless experience because we want someone else, something else to fix us, when in truth the secret to fixing ourselves lies within.

You have to keep showing up, you have to keep doing the work because that’s your Higher Self, your Souls choice.. otherwise you wouldn’t be here. 

With Love, Kristina

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