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Books That Has Had A Big Impact On Me Recently

I love to read and when it comes to spirituality my appetite is insatiable. I always feel that I can learn more. In the last year I have been reading mostly channeled material and I've been reading some amazing books that really carry an energy with them that will heal you as you read them. Some of the also contains exercises and energetic transmissions that are there specifically to help the reader heal and transmute stagnant and old energies that doesn't serve any more. To help the reader align with their own inner light, with their own Higher Self.

I recommend that you feel within to which book you are drawn, then to read them as long as you feel they serve. Some of these books are very powerful and can be best read in segments. Meaning that some of the shifts that you may experience reading these books will leave you feeling tired and might bring up certain uncomfortable feelings that you need to sit with and process. As we do shift within we may also need to shift without, meaning that we need to make amendments in our physical day to day lives before we can continue reading on.

This book is intense and might take some time to read. I started this book a couple of years ago and I couldn't finish it, it made me feel so uncomfortable. Then I was drawn back to it a couple of months ago and this time around I couldn't stop reading it. Seth is powerful and is very direct on how we create our own reality, that we create our reality based on our own personal beliefs about our reality. It gives certain exercises to how we can become better conscious creators of our own reality. I really highly recommend this, I think this is far better then for example Abraham Hicks material but the Abraham material is softer and maybe more easy both energetically and on the mind.

Now I haven't read all of Sanaya Roman's channeled books but just connecting with this beautiful spirit called Orin is enough. I would highly recommend these books, all of them. See which one you are drawn to. The energy that comes with them are really pure, graceful and gentle. The information in the books are great and the material is really easy going and easy to read.

I cannot recommend these books highly enough, they are amazing. The energy that comes with it will change your life. Paul had channeled six books to this day and will continue to channel more as revealed by the collective consciousness that Paul channels. I recommend to start with the first book I Am The Word and to continue with them in a sequence as they are created to be read in that order. The books are created with the intention of awakening you to your eternal spirit, to your Christ Consciousness within. They are truly beautiful and I am very grateful they crossed my path.

That's it for now, thank you for reading! And please share if you have any recommendations to channeled material that I have maybe yet to discover. :)

Much Love,



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