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Becoming A Beingness

Coming out of the eclipse season and feeling reborn shredded and a little bit raw.

Last night right before going to sleep I heard my guitar make noise as if something had fallen upon it. Nothing could have fallen on it so I just listened out into the quietness of the room. Then I felt this energy fall over me, relax I heard my spirit guides say we are just going to do some work on you.

I asked if they came from the light, I always do. I don't allow anything else into my field. They said yes and then I double checked with my higher self as well. After being assured, I agreed and I don't know why I was doubtful in that moment?

But as soon as I given my permission for them to do their work whatever it now was going to be, the whole of my scull snapped into place or cracked into place and some sort of thick piece got pulled out of my head. A implant they said. An old one.

So why am I writing about this? I often or actually I don't think I ever talked about how I work with my spirit guides or my "helpers" before in this blog? Maybe a long long time ago, I don't remember. 

Either way as I understand it, certain implants, blockages that have been purposely put there and cannot be removed until other blockages have also been removed. Like a safety pin.

I will try to explain this in short words as I feel I still have a lot of processing to do about this and there is so much to say about it as it stems from a much longer healing journey that I've been on that goes back all the way to the beginning of 2016.

But I couldn't get out of bed this morning, my dreams were vivid and clear and I felt that a weave was being spun, a weave that I have yet to make sense of. The implant that I had in the back of my head has blocked me from both communicating clearly with spirit and from communicating to the external world.

So once I could snap out of dream world and get up I could feel my whole face, jaw and now as I'm writing this the whole of my upper back is being realigned and cleared. I have prayed for clarity for guidance as I feel that the last couple of months have been as walking blindfolded into the unknown. But I also feel guidance is telling me that is exactly what needs to be. We are not supposed to know. The essence as always is to become comfortable and present in each and every moment. As there is no other moment. 

So our rational mind is continuously seeking a path, a way ahead. But spirit just sees now and all possible infinite paths. But as the mind jumps towards the future based on the past, trying to calculate the 'risks' we end up limiting our own manifestations capabilities. It makes us avoid the present and its in the present everything is.

Once we take our rational mind out of the picture and allow ourselves to just be without calculating each and every move. Instead following the guidance in this moment and in the next, it takes us to exactly we were meant to go in the first place.

Sometimes we can sidestep and quantum jump, other times we have to take the stairs. We don't know and we're not meant to know. Its perfect anyway in every way.

So Much Love!

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