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Become A Beacon Of Peace

In the midst of perceived turmoil and conflict in the world the most important thing that you can do for the world as well as for yourself and your family is to create the peace within.

Remember that each moment is created anew, we are currently co-creating this world as it is. No future is written other then the one we are creating right now in this moment. Be peace and the peace will spread, don't allow small things in your daily life upset you.

Find the time and space in your life to sit down and breathe, to centre yourself again. Bringing in more light and Love to yourself so that you have more to share with the world.

Become at one with the moment, because only in the moment, in the Now can you become at One with Source and in that moment you are more powerful then you can ever imagine.

So send Love to the person that annoys you and forgive yourself for getting upset. Its ok everything will be fine. Trust and remember to give love to yourself at each and every moment so that you can become the shining beacon of light that you truly are.


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