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Ask & Its Given

One of the most important lessons that I have ever learned is to remember to always Ask.  Abraham-Hicks has written a brilliant book called 'Ask and Its Given', that I would highly recommend, the abstract is simple just as the title. 

Just ask but then you have to trust and hold the vibration of that which you ask for, holding the vibration of what you ask for is simply believing and acting as if what you asked for has already happened. Trust and having faith. 

To trust that whatever that will happen thereafter are for the greater good of All that Is, myself included. So that I can let go of any need to control how the outcome will come about or even the need to control the final outcome.

Instead focusing on manifesting a feeling, a state of being. In this last year my focus and continuous intention has been to shed all that of me that is not Love. To be able to let go and heal everything that is blocking me from being a true state of pure Love. 

This has become my journey and I'm excited to continue down this path, I have been surprised where it has taken me, the people that has been introduced into my life. The situations and the experiences that I believe this powerful intention has created for me.

So remember to Ask just be sure that you really want what you ask for... 

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