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Ask And Its Given - The Power Of Prayer

Praying never came natural to me coming from an atheist family. It wasn't until my dark night of the soul, when I had lost all faith in life. When sadness was gripping the core of my being and I felt I had absolutely nothing to live for anymore. When I was gasping for hope that there was something more, something deeper than just this.. that I started to pray. 

Having read Paramhansa Yogananda's book a Autobiography of a Yogi, I wanted to believe that there was something greater beyond what we could see with our mere eyes. Praying that if there was a God, the he/she would be revealed to me.. which about six months later I believe led to my spiritual awakening. 

From an atheist point of view this may seem incredulous, but I dare you to try.. Though the prayer has to be sincere, you have to truly want to connect to source/spirit. But if you do, miracles are possible or I shall I say inevitable. :)

Ask for peace and happiness and they will be yours. Ask for the anger and the resentment to be cleared. Ask for understanding and forgiveness and they will be given. 

Ask and it is given, all you really have to do is ask. 

See I didn't believe when I initially asked for God, I wasn't sure, actually I really doubted that there was anything more which is why I was so very sad, but the sincerity or call it desperation.. :) my prayers came from such a deep place that they were heard.

Just watch what you pray for, they may just come through… 


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