Are You Picking Up Other Peoples Energies? - How To Clear Sticky Energies From Others.

Every time I leave the house these days I am struck by the energy of the collective, the fear, the anxiety and the sadness. As a sensitive I've really been working on clearing the things that gets stuck in my field. As I know that what I absorb from others that doesn't feel good is a pattern that I have subconsciously acquired. I am responsible for my own energy and thus I am responsible for the energy that I absorb from others.

So every time I come home I have to lie down for a while to clear my field and I always go into the meditation with the intention to clear my patterns and programming that allows me to absorb others negative energy.

The way that I do that is that I feel into the energy in my body, I feel it all deeply and then I ask it to transmute and heal itself back to remembrance of love again.

What's really important in this process is that I completely accept this energy, even if it doesn't feel good I accept it as it is and I feel it in its completeness. I notice any resistance that I have to feeling this energy, any need for it to move through faster or any part of me that don't want this energy. Those parts I try to soften and soothe and as soon as I start to soften and soothe into the energy that doesn't feel good, the energy often starts to dissolve by itself.

I can't stress enough the importance of allowance when it comes to stick