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Are You Asking For Too Much?

If I look back at my life, there have been so many times where I wanted to leave. A relationship, friendship, even clients.. yet I would hang in there until my resentment was overflowing. Looking back, there's a part of me that wish I would have just realised that I deserved more. That what I felt was wrong was 100% wrong. Yet I thought that I had to be "good", be the "nice" one that did the right thing and gave people second chances.

I really wish I wouldn't, I wish I would have sat down with that feeling that this isn't ok. Calmed down my anger and then set boundaries. But when we instead suppress what feels wrong and try to fix ourselves to fit the picture we instead breed inner insecurities, it makes it harder to trust oneself and we become deeply resentful and angry. Eventually that anger will turn into depression and self hatred. Because we're not listening to our own inner voice that's saying - No!

A lot of my life experiences have been challenging and a lot of that is because I had such a low self worth that I allowed people to treat me like shit. I was afraid of my own anger, I was afraid that I was bad when I felt angry. So I self censured, I blocked my own inner truth that something was inherently wrong and that I deserved more.

I'm just writing this post to my younger self and to you that may be sitting in a position where you're asking if you are asking for too much. The fact that you are asking that - means that something is off. Often we don't even need to confront, we can simply say no more and walk away. Some people won't get it and trying to prove your point that you deserve more is futile. The only person you need to ask for approval if you can ask for more is You. So see this as a permission slip to ask for more. It may feel uncomfortable, a lot of sadness may come up. Let it.

One day you'll look back at this moment and ask why was I ever attracted to that and those people? Because once you have self worth, they won't be attractive to you - at all. There will be nothing there for you. You will have moved out of that frequency once and for all.

Yes you deserve more!

With Love,


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