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Are we really ever done ?

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Someone asked why I am doing this work with myself, why I am on the path of working with the plants. What have I got left to heal?

I think it's an interesting question because in our society we often look at the goal and the destination, we seldom enjoy the moment. We seldom just allow ourselves to Be.

But then is 'being' just being aimless? Not necessarily.

It's just that I don't know specifically what I'm working towards and a big part of my own personal process has to let go of that need to 'know'. I just know that this is what calls me right now. This is what my higher self is directing me towards. So I listen, and I trust.

The mind always wants to know and as soon as it goes into the game of trying to figure out what the future holds it loses its grasp of reality. Because there's no part of you that can know the now until it happens. Yes we can have precognitions but that's just a possibility that we are being shown, nothing is ever set in stone until it happens so we can only speculate and IMAGINE and then we can work towards an aim and an intention. While choosing daily actions that will lead one closer towards a chosen aim.

But how everything will look like in my life after I have walked this path I don't know. But that's the journey, I don't need to know. I love the work with the plants, its my passion, my interest, my joy and I want to share my work with the plants because I think it's a huge disconnection that we have as a species to this wonderful living WISE extension of ourselves, this extension that Gaia is. That we have somehow lost our ways of being in harmony with nature and with ourselves. Because ultimately, nature is a representation of ourselves, everything is.

I had an experience with San Pedro (also called Huachuma) about two years ago when I became a plant. I was outside and I was just as I was experiencing myself as a moving plant, that became one with everything in my closest proximity. It wasn't like becoming one with All That Is. It felt like becoming one with each individual spirit or plant. It was a very intense experience.

There's a beauty of becoming so close to another that we become as one, not co-dependent but in a symbiotic relationship of sharing. In harmony and growth with each other. Nature has the wisdom to teach us how we can thrive in the physical and to live in balance with each other and nature.

When we as a community go together into sacred ceremonies where each individual has the possibility to experience the state of oneness as an actual experience, not some a guru or some a priest telling you about a concept or an "idea" outside of yourself to believe in. But with the right plants and the right guidance you can actually have these experiences for yourself. Working with the plants (all the plants, yes all of Gaia) helps us all to become awake from within. The same energy that the hindu calls the Kundalini Shakti, that energy streams through Earth. It's the creative energy, it's the manifested energy.

The greatest difference for us Earthlings after 2012, was that are not in 3D anymore, most of us are somewhere between in 4D in the purgatory stages of the Light Body ascension journey. Then as the Light Body becomes "clean" enough, it goes fully into 5D Gaia and beyond. But you have to remember again, about aiming, that it doesn't have to be a fixed goal. Or time specific. In fact it cannot, because ultimately time doesn't exist and we want to always work beyond time. Outsides the "rules" of time.

We want to be present in the moment of now so that we can fully become conscious of the energy that we generate and thus become conscious AWAKE creators and that can only happen in the now. Yet we are still experiencing time in different forms and two people right next to each other may have completely different experiences of time (as its really just a matter of perspectives and ultimately beliefs about time and creation). As the dimensions are expanding our sense of time changes as well. We start to experience timelines intermittently and we start to go into a state of timelessness, a space of deep lucidity in this living dream.

In two days we have a powerful full moon in Scorpio, the sign of death and transformation. Strong feelings and emotions may be coming up to be cleared. Those that are sensitive may already be feeling it. Swim easy into your emotional depth and allow yourself to FEEL it all.

So much love,



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