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All Is Love

"The mechanism of inspiration involves and extraordinary faculty of desire or will to know or to receive in a certain area accompanied by the ability to open to and to trust in what you may call intuition."

<3 Ra - The Law Of One

There's almost 7 years ago today that I had my awakening and knowing what I know now I would never want to change a thing. Through the challenges of learning to let go of the mind and drop down to heart of infinite wisdom, I have learned more than could ever been put into words.

Of learning to Be rather than to plan and think ahead of time. To become a fluid expression of the Infinite wisdom. Of learning to let go of the minds need to grasp and hold on. The minds constant need to Know, whereas if we let go, we come to this space of already knowing and in that space there's an infinite pleasure of not knowing. Of allowing things to Be, of the gift of being the fool, of stepping into the unknown with a heart wide open, to just Receive and let it all flow through. 

Knowing That All is Perfect Just As It Is.

The gifts I have received through walking this path is beyond what I can put into words. The Love that I have come to know is not a personal Love, its a Love that encompasses All. That stretches beyond time and space. A Love so deep, so great that it often takes my breath away. 

I feel so held and so loved at every moment in time, its a love that surrounds me, that vibrates through all and everything. That flows through me and bridges time and space.

My only wish is for everyone to also come into this place, to this space of absolute Love. To become free. To live the life you've always dreamed of and often that is beyond anything you could ever imagine. The mind only knows the past, what it has already experienced, its very limited in its "knowing". So its need to hold on and to calculate is soley based on fears and limitations. Where as in truth we are Infinite Spirits experiencing at every moment of time.

But when we let go of what we think we know, if we empty our cup and let ourselves follow our inspirations, if we can allow the mind to imagine what seems impossible. If we can allow ourselves to receive from the Higher Mind, from our Higher Self we can create a life beyond what we could ever imagine.

The heart knows more than we can ever grasp with our limited mind and its only in that space of observance of the infinite present moment that we become Whole. The higher mind doesn't need to know everything, it enjoys the surprise of infinite creation. Through each and everyone of us we are the expansion of Source. Through your own uniqueness, through your own unique expression of Source we are the infinite Creation expressing itself, expanding itself. There's no end and no beginning, its only Now and Now and Now. Todos es Amor. <3


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