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Knowing Yourself Through Astrology

I post a lot of astrology on my Facebook page and the reason I do so is that I strongly believe that we are extremely affected by the planets. I also believe that each unique person can find a lot of information of their essential nature in their current lifetime through their birth time and date.

So I want to share some sites and books that I think are great for getting to know oneself and to be able to interact consciously with the celestial events.

I don't know about you but the last eclipse season that started in July this year and ended in August was one of the most intensely transforming months of recent years. So I believe in the stars.

I love www.astro.com for free personal charts, they also have a lot of free little goodies but mostly I like to scroll down to the bottom of the personal chart page and look at where all the planets are in my chart, in what houses and in what degrees. Then I google or look up certain events and how they can affect me personally.

For example if you have a specific planet in a certain sign and then when that planet in the same sign as yours is currently retrograding or in a powerful conjunction with another planet this will affect you a lot. So knowing your own chart can be interesting if you're trying to figure out who you are and what's your purpose in life and why are certain things challenging for you.

That brings me to the Gene Keys By Richard Rudd, which is a book and a system that gives you your own Gene Keys based on your birth time and day. You have to buy the book but you get your free keys a PDF map called your activation sequence which showcases and explains some of your specific challenges and gifts in this lifetime on Gene Keys web site.

"Together with the Gene Keys book, your Gene Keys Profile is a means of unlocking the enormous potential of your life. Unifying astrological calculation with an archetypal understanding of genetics, your Profile is the original blueprint that tells you who you are, how you operate, and above all, why you are here. For a full understanding of your Profile please explore the Golden Path Program — a guided journey of transformation that shows you how to apply this knowledge to your life."

*from the Gene Keys web site

This book even just to read on its own holds such profound truths and its just a magical book, I can't recommend it enough. So please let me know what you think if you end up reading it especially taking the time to look up your own chart. It holds a vertical progression from our shadow to our Siddhis, our own enlightened self.

Its a brick of a book but I don't think you'll regret having it.

Then there are two different sources that I mostly check out for information about astrological events and those are Mystic Mamma and The Power Path. Please comment if you have some good recommendations for other sources.

So that was just me sharing some astro love. :)

Much Love,


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Western astrology or tropical is not accurate. Its about one sign behind. Vedic astrology (sidereal) is accurate and what people should be following. One of the most accurate Vedic astrologers is Joni Patry. She was the only astrologer to predict a Trump win and has been accurate, for the most part, on the world geological and political issues.

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