Knowing Yourself Through Astrology

I post a lot of astrology on my Facebook page and the reason I do so is that I strongly believe that we are extremely affected by the planets. I also believe that each unique person can find a lot of information of their essential nature in their current lifetime through their birth time and date.

So I want to share some sites and books that I think are great for getting to know oneself and to be able to interact consciously with the celestial events.

I don't know about you but the last eclipse season that started in July this year and ended in August was one of the most intensely transforming months of recent years. So I believe in the stars.

I love www.astro.com for free personal charts, they also have a lot of free little goodies but mostly I like to scroll down to the bottom of the personal chart page and look at where all the planets are in my chart, in what houses and in what degrees. Then I google or look up certain events and how they can affect me personally.

For example if you have a specific planet in a certain sign and then when that planet in the same sign as yours is currently retrograding or in a powerful conjunction with another planet this will affect you a lot. So knowing your own chart can be interesting if you're trying to figure out who you are and what's your purpose in life and why are certain things challenging for you.