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About Becoming Embodied Lightbeings

This past summer I've been more tired than usual. One part has to do with some deep powerful shifts that I've experienced. Mostly about becoming more grounded into my own physical body and the effects of those shifts seem to have drained me more than usual. Also a reminder to give space and time for healing to occur. If the body needs rest, then rest.

Now I have recently understood that most people even in the spiritual community doesn't understand what the  concept of being grounded means. 

Its not about being in stuck in 3D, it can be but what I've learned since my awakening is that we are not here to experience that we are eternal beings and then escape our physical vessel, to escape this earth and go to some nicer vibrational realm where we can feel better. :)

No. Not at all. We are here to become embodied spirits. But what does that actually mean?

It means that we are here to activate our light body. To open up our physical vessel so that we can hold more light than ever before. To refine our physical vessel with all the karmic density that it may hold, learning how to transmute it to light. Continuous conscious embodied expansion.

So maybe a better word for it rather than being grounded is being embodied. Being consciously awake in your body.

To do so we can not just focus on our higher chakras. But the activation and the opening of the third eye assists in the ability to be able to hold our focus for a longer period of time. It also activates the light body. So yes its a very important chakra.

Yet we still need to balance the chakras, the lower physical chakras with the higher spiritual cosmic chakras. 

As I found through my own awakening process is that the more time I spend in nature, the deeper I open to the earth realms and as I do, my higher chakras are also opening even further simultaneously with the lower chakras. Through the simple act of just spending time in nature, my throat, third eye, crown and the chakras above are all increasingly expanding without much effort on my own.

The reason for this is very logical and very rational. We are always seeking balance, its the natural order of the universe. Yin/Yang, Masculine/Feminine, Light/Darkness etc.

So the deeper we connect with nature, with earth consciously, and spiritually, the more we open to higher realms as well. As we establish stronger roots we are also developing a bigger trunk (thus we can hold more light) and through the expansion of roots we can also create bigger branches with more "leafs" to absorb up the light, the crown even being described as a thousand petal lotus..

On my own path I have struggled with being here on earth not feeling at home, not feeling connected to humanity. Feeling like a alien. Literally. I think many in the spiritual community share those feelings, feelings of belonging to other realms. Of wanting to go home..

But yet we have all come here with a special mission. Its not to "save" the earth. Its to awaken ourselves and through our own awakening we are assisting everyone else in their awakening. 

Its a collective awakening where we are here to become embodied spirits of light. 

When we work with the lower physical chakras we are dealing with physical issues. Things that we need to deal with in this realm. Such as survival, safety, security, whether or not we feel that we belong. To the tribe, to the group, to the oneness, to the whole, to the collective.

We work with creation as co-creators through physical manifestation, as something we've received as an idea or inspiration through our higher chakras and then being able to realize that idea, that thought into form is what all the lower chakras are about.

About physical creation and expression of all forms. Including your own unique expression as yourself.

So in truth we may be on a spiritual mission to become enlightened but we are not here to escape this realm, we are here to become masters of the physical realm. By becoming the embodiment of Divinity, by becoming the embodiment of light. 

Refining the process of creation through the merging of the cosmic with the earthly. As above as below. Through that merging we become consciously embodied light beings that can consciously create a new way of life for this earth, to move from 3D to 5D. But we can only do this through the refinement of the physical chakras as they are the ones related to this physical realm. 

​Thank you for reading! :)

Much Love, Kristina

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