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3 Books That Changed My Life

This book changed my life, this is the book that made me start to pray, to start to search for God. Its the first book that I read that somehow made sense to me. I read the first half before my awakening and then the second part after my awakening. I highly recommend all spiritual seekers to read this book as it not only contains information that will help you on your path but it also contains powerful frequencies to connect you both with Yogananda and his gurus and the frequencies they hold. 

The Power of Intention by Dr Wayne Dyer Learning to manifest your own reality consciously starts in the present moment. Its starts with presence. I recommend this book to all my clients, I recommend it to all humans living in this world today. Its straight forward and easy to grasp and it will help you understand how your focus creates your own reality and how you can shift your focus, how you can shift your own perspective and change your reality through that shift​​ of focus.

Ask and you shall receive. Learning the universal laws of creation is vital. You are always creating your own reality, learning how you're creating your own reality may be one of the most important things you'll ever learn. Everyone should read this! :)

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