- Would you like to activate your Light Body and open up your energetic pathways throughout your entire being?  

- To learn how to heal yourself? To transmute physical pain to light? Learning how to activate your own energetic centres, your chakras, learning how to let go of any negative thought forms and feelings?

- In this 12-week course you will not only learn how to heal yourself. But you will also learn how to reprogram yourself and learn to let go of unwanted habits & belief systems, both conscious and subconscious. 

- You will also learn how to activate each cell, each physical organ to its optimal capacity. Allowing yourself to hold more light than ever before, allowing yourself to shine from within. 

The Light Body Activation Course is 12-week long, especially designed for a permanent change of your entire being. Designed to activate each energetic centre, each chakra in turn. Allowing yourself to tap into the infinite eternal wisdom of within. 

Each week you will work and activate a new centre, starting at the crown and working yourself down through your being. The course is designed in a top down activation order. The reason for this is because each chakra is a filter and we want to bring more and more of the Divine light into your being and to let go of everything that is blocking the Divine light to flow throughout your being unobstructed and freely.

So as each chakra is a filter we want to start at the crown, clearing everything that's blocking, distorting or somehow limiting the Divine Love to flow through your being at all times.

We want to activate each chakra so that we become as lightening rods into the ground. Channeling the Divine light down through our entire being into the ground.

Our energy system is much like a tree, we need to establish great deep roots to be able to have a big trunk, to be able to hold much light, and with great roots and a great trunk (our physical body) we can also build greater branches with many leaves that can continue to bring the cosmic Divine light into our being.

So no part is better or above the other, its an intricate system of energy where each part supports the whole. As above as below. 

As we go through each chakra starting at the crown and working our way down our light body, all the way down our legs, all the way down through our feet and into the ground. We are shedding layers upon layers of programmings and encodings that are somehow blocking the flow of light throughout our being.

Each individual chakra being a filter, filtering the Divine light into certain frequencies that relate to our spiritual and physical existence. As we remove negative imprints and encodings from each chakra, releasing different limiting beliefs and fears we are refining the light that we emit as light beings. We are coming closer and closer to being our true self without limitations and blockages.

We have all come here as unique beings, shining our unique light, our unique frequency, our own unique vibration. We want to clear and let go of everything that's blocking us from being that unique being that we are. Everything that's blocking us from embodying and expressing our Divinity freely and openly, as we are, as we've always been.