What happens when the Kundalini starts to activate within you? | Healing Divinity
Dec 13, 2018

What happens when the Kundalini starts to activate within you?


Because so many are going through an awakening and there's so much information out there and maybe hard to know what's true and what isn't.


What do you do when the Kundalini becomes activated? What are you supposed to do? What is its purpose etc etc.


So I would like to summarize your questions and answer them on the forum that I'm building on my web site. Plus everyone else can also share their own experiences and lessons learned in this forum.


So what's would you like to know?


You can DM me here on FB or send me an email at kristina@healingdivinity.com


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My question is about kundalini activation. I read something recently that made me wonder if I had a crown down kundalini awakening? a couple years ago I had a spontaneous experience where I was in a very blissful, hyper-sensitive state that was temporary - lasting a few days. I had a sensation in my third eye as well as my root chakra during that time. Ever since I have been on the path of awakening (including a lot of expanding and contracting) but have never noticed any kind of spinal sensations. I sort of though at first that there were different kinds of awakening but lately with all of the shifting and purging that all of humanity (and beyond)is going through during this collective feminine ascension- I have been in a very exhausted state of exploration, just reeeeeeally feeeeeling the collective purging and integrating and feeling myself purging and integrating, which is what brought me to the conclusion that I may have experienced an activation? Thanks! 🙏

Jan 2Edited: Jan 2

I think one of the greatest misconceptions about a Kundalini activation/ awakening process is that it "has" to start in the spine. The activation of the divine energy within you can happen anywhere in your field/body. The central channel the Sushumna is a great channel within the LightBody but its not the only one and as the Kundalini fully awakens the channel that runs through all the chakras in the centre of your body is much more powerful.


So that being said yes there are many kinds of activations/awakenings, they often don't start in the spine but can be experienced as mystical experiences, a heightened awareness and sensitivity to the collective energy as well as your own energy. Feeling individual chakras, pulsating sensations or just feeling energy within you and around you.


Just as your own soul journey is unique so is also your LightBody and the way that your LightBody will heal and activate itself (in what order). It's all related to your own unique life lessons and what you need to let go of at every moment to the next.


If you are drawn to know more about spirituality, your light body, the awakening of the planet etc. you are going through an activation/ awakening. What you seek is seeking you. :)


Much Love,


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