For weeks now, I've been trying to write down my experience of Iboga and I keep erasing my words and restarting again. Its so hard to put into words that which cannot truly be conveyed by words alone. But let me give it a try.

For me as a healer, my soul purpose is to bring more light into the planet. That's why I'm here, that's why I choose to incarnate into this form and into this time. To assist with the shift that we are currently experiencing. For me to grow as a healer I need to continue to learn and grow, to expand with the light, and as I have found it difficult to find a teacher in the physical realm, I've come to rely on the one within me.

I have also been guided by my higher self to find powerful allies in the Plant Spirit Medicines, which I doubt I could ever find in human form or maybe my time with such a human teacher has yet to be manifested for me. In the mean time by ingesting Iboga and other Spirit Plants, I allow the Plant Spirit to possess me for the amount of time that the plant is activated, during which a great transformation and healing takes place.

I've read quite a few accounts of other people consuming Iboga, mostly former addicts that consumed the plant so that they could overcome an addiction, a practice that is proven to be extremely effective. But I lack a testimonial from someone that is energetically and spiritually aware of what is actually happening on a physical AND energetic level. I have not found one testimonial that describes the immensely powerful energetic healing that Iboga performs, yet I'm also curious to know if because of my inclination of being a healer and also my 'openness' led me to have quite a different and seemingly more intense experience than most.

What I've read afterwards is that most people have an intense period for the first 6-8 hours where they hallucinate intensely and then the experience fades. There are supposed to be no hallucinations while the eyes are open. My experience was quite different, I did hallucinate for a full 36 hours, it didn't stop until I finally could fall asleep and when I woke up the spirit was finally gone and so were the hallucinations..

My visions were both with my eyes open and while they were closed. The hallucinations were quite different though, the ones I perceived with my eyes closed were intensely uncomfortable and made me lose track of time and space. A little bit like falling into the rabbit hole.. In the experiences I perceived while my eyes were closed I saw myself from the outside as I have never seen myself before, Iboga showed me how beautiful I was, and what a beautiful person I am. I write this with tears in my eyes because there were parts of my heart that was missing before, that I had no idea that they were missing until Iboga retrieved them for me and healed my heart. It also showed what I believe to be my past lives not just on this planet but on many different planes of existence. I saw the fields from the angelic wars, I saw floods of blood, of mutilations and gore that I wouldn't wish upon anyone to see.. Iboga teased me, seduced me, and humoured me when I said no more... Also important to mention, Iboga is definitely NOT a pleasure trip of any kind, extreme and violent nausea was experienced throughout the whole 36 hour journey, as my body seemed to try to purge the substance out of my physical self in the fastest way possible.

As a healer I went into the experience to HEAL myself, and while Iboga was working, I started working with Iboga, asking it to open and expand my energy field, asking it to work for me rather than being taken for a ride. Clearing karma from lifetimes, healing ancestral disorder and making me feel more whole than I have ever felt. This is why I believe the experience was different for me, not only is my third eye wide open already but I also have a deep knowledge and understanding of the realms outside of this world.

So with my eyes open trying to escape my inner visions for a while.. (36 hours is a looong time..) Iboga would show me video's from what I understood to be Andromeda, where I was also asked to go after this life time(??). I was shown landscapes that reminded me of the movie Avatar, with floating Islands hanging midair. I was shown dragons of all different colours and the most amazing animals, truly out of this world. Continuing to remind me of how limited this 3D existence truly is.

In the end the greatest lesson I learned was that all I EVER need to do is simply; ADD LOVE. In any instance where lack is perceived, ADD LOVE. If you feel betrayed, used, abused... any negative feeling which is in truth just an experience in LACK of LOVE. The cure is simply... ADD LOVE. Same thing with anything that you want... ADD LOVE! It works like magic, we forget that our mind is so powerful, that when we perceive ourselves of being in lack we feel that we are out of love and so our thoughts and actions reflect this belief. Thus by law of attraction we are left with less. All we need to do is add love.

You can expect me to write further on this subject as I do feel called to eventually work together with Iboga but I still have lots to learn..

So much love!!


First time I went to desert to eat Peyote, I went with my love. We travelled out there in middle of March 2012, the weather was cloudy but hot. As we arrived early evening we set our tent up had a small walk around the area looking for Peyote but we could not find any. The land was inhabitable with cactuses that would stick everywhere on my clothes and puncture my skin, I felt like an alien in a different world, here the Arctic girl was definitely out of her element. Paul on the other hand navigated easily through the bush and had to wait for me to catch up. As we came back I was too tired to eat so I went inside the tent to have a nap, I entered a deep sleep and didn't wake up until the next morning. During the night I perceive myself to have been introduced to the spirit of Peyote, I woke up to a new day and somehow the landscape had shifted and as I watched the sun rise behind El Quemado we ate a small breakfast with fruit and went looking for Peyote.

As the day were dawning we found ourselves camping with Peyotes all around us, somehow the night before we had not seen them and now they were all surrounding us. Paul showed me how to cut them and how to give offerings in return of their gifts. We picked two each and brought them back to the camp to eat. They had a crisp flavour to them and I enjoyed the taste. I know most people find the taste of Peyote pungent and inedible but I have strong affinity to them odd enough. As we consumed them and I looked to Paul for signs of what I should expect, he stood up and told us to start walking so that we would not become sleepy. As I started to walk something shifted, somehow the landscape melted into me, I was not a stranger anymore I belonged to the earth, the desert and the plants. Nor did I get caught in the cactuses needles, I had somehow become at home in this alien landscape. We continued walking just absorbing this new world that was awakening around us.

As we walked for a while we stopped and Paul sat down and took his shoes off, as I stood next to him I felt tremendous amounts of energy streaming through my hands and through my entire body. Like if I was more of a intense stream of energy than a body made of flesh and blood, this urge to share overcame me and I sat down next to Paul asking if I could share. He quietly agreed and I sat behind him allowing the energy to flow through me into him. Filling him making him become pure light. I don't know for how long we sat there but this feeling of worship came over me and before me sat not Paul but the incarnation of a God. He turned around and grabbed my feet rubbing them with the earth and I now understood how Maria Magdalena must have felt in front of Jesus. This profound love was so palpable, and I came to me knees bowing in front of him kissing his feet. He pulled me up, kissed me on my forehead and we stood up and started walking again. I tried to give him back his shoes but he refused continued walking barefoot through the desert back to our camp. As I was walking behind him, I was starting to have these visions and the actual experience of everyone that had ever loved him. From his former lover to his mother to his past life partners, this love, so strong and so pure and so deep was greater than anything I've ever experienced. Tears were streaming down my face and I wept in gratitude.

As we came back to the camp we rested ourselves in the shade of a Yucca tree before I felt called to walk out in the desert to find more Peyotes for us. I found one big one with a beautiful pink flower that said she was for Paul and I found two small ones for me. As I was walking the Peyotes spoke to me as did the Yuccas and the cactuses, the bushes, the earth and the wind. They were whispering sweet nothings in my ear telling me how loved I was and how beautiful I was. They were telling me I was a healer and that I was to heal, that my purpose here was to help the planet heal. That that's why I came here to be.

As I returned to the camp Paul was making a fire, I gave him the Peyote with the beautiful flower and he sat down under the Yucca again to clean it as well as the ones I brought for myself. As I sat down by the fire it started to tell me how I was to heal, that I was to bring light to this planet. Paul came over  to me with the cleaned Peyotes and some water and I ate them eagerly as he sat back down under the Yucca with his Peyote, fully absorbed by its beauty.

I stood up and watched El Quemado in all of its glory in front of me as the sun was behind me making the rocks shift in different nuances of red, I understood why this land was considered holy, the presence of God was so strong, of all that is, in that moment my soul merged with the mother of us all and I became one with Gaia. I felt as I was breathing she was breathing, I felt as she she was alive, I was alive. I told her to heal, and I went deep into her core as I was her and I told her to heal, and as I told her I could feel her shine from the core and I told her to heal and as I was as one with her I told her over and over again to heal and I saw her starting to shine. I saw her aura like I see auras around people to start to become brighter and brighter. I don't know for how long I've stood there but as I started to come back to myself again I noticed that the sun had set behind me and around me was the starry night. Paul was standing next to me watching the sky and as he took me hand, this deep sense of peace and pure love was surrounding us.

That day changed my life and when I came back from Mexico I posted my first ad in Craigslist offering my healing services.

All is Love,


Hi there my name is Kristina, I created this blog since I feel the need to introduce myself in a eloquent manner for new clients. This also gives me a platform where I can tell my story, and share some of the lessons and knowledge I have come across in life and through my awakening.

First comes first, in the beginning of January 2011 I opened my third eye, and this is the story of my Kundalini awakening:

I was meditating while watching this youtube video, which I had done a billion times before. So anyway, while I was meditating the third eye pulled my eyes towards it which was a completely new phenomena for me, and I actually stopped meditating to google ‘third eye meditation’ because I got curious to know what was happening to me. Then I learned a little about third eye meditations and continued meditating now my eyes towards the third eye and it was very easy to quiet my mind (this was unusual) and it was as if someone was controlling my breathing, first really really fast like fire breathing and then very very slow, almost no breath at all. Suddenly I had the sensation as if a very BIG eye lid opened in my forehead, white light started trickling in from the third eye and I had a blink of a seconds decision to whether or not I wanted this, at the time I remember being very curious so I just let go and allowed it to happen. White light poured in through my third eye, like if it took me over. It was beautiful and then I felt this waterfall of bliss, extreme profound love and intense pleasure pouring over my body and skull. I have never experienced anything as pleasurable in my life, there are no words that come close to describing it. *  *  *  *  *  * My body felt like an energy being, just SO perfect and SO alive. I am so sorry but none of my words make my experience justice. It was the most beautiful experience of my life and I felt God as a part of myself or maybe I should say I felt myself as a part of God and everything. I felt ONE. But this is a big BUT, I still felt my body, my body didn’t go into everything. I felt my energy body, like the perfect undying thing that it is. My breath disappeared, because I remembered my mind thinking whether or not I was actually breathing because I couldn’t feel my chest moving nor could I feel my heart beating, I was vibrating heavily and I was in extreme bliss, I could have stayed there forever but extreme nausea overtook and I had to stop. *  *  *  *  *  * *  *  *  *  *  * I have since that experience lived in a different realm of reality, the best way to describe it would be that I have one foot in this dual reality as most people perceive it be and then my other foot in my new reality where everything is energy and we are interconnected to each other. I can feel my chakras as pulsating energy centers, where within a profound expansion exist and many more different realms of realities. I can feel other peoples chakras, and energy bodies. I can feel energy around me as waves of that pulsates through out my body continuously, and radiates from my heart at all times and I know I will never die. My body will shed but my true being will not.  *  *  *  *  *  * I have seen entities, I see lights floating around us all the time, the air around us sparkling with energy. The sky buzzing literary with energy. I have seen people turn into bright white lights, I have seen hearts lit up, as a bright light in their chest. I sometime see the color of auras, but most of the time I just see the bright light that we are. I see the energy from me interacting with the people around me like little electrical currents running through the air. This especially when just focusing at one point. I have seen my own body light up from just focusing on a specific part of the body.  For example if I stare at my knee and focus only at one point, within my knee a little sun will be created, if I continue focusing on this point this light will start to pulsate, from there on it seems to have its own life. It will move as it pleases as the intelligence that this energy is, it will go to where it needs to heal, it will go to where the blockages are. Blockages are in fact what creates diseases, if your energy system cannot flow smoothly, there will be imbalances in your system, mentally, physically and spiritually. The energy will create cold or heat depending on what is needed. I as Kristina don’t need any knowledge regarding what to do, I just need to focus where my energy should start. From there on the divine works its way. This is one way how I can give the energy.  *  *  *  *  *  * Another way is for me to go into another persons energy field and feel it is as if its my own and from there on clean their chakras. I don’t take over someone’s energy body, I don’t think that would be possible for me to do nor would it be in my interest to do so. I simply tap into their energy field, either with my mind or with my hands and through that I somehow feel how they feel inside, which includes feeling blockages that I then can clear out just like if I would clear my own. *  *  *  *  *  * My two most active chakras so far have been my heart and my third eye, I had quite some blockages in my throat chakra right after my awakening and I have been shedding a lot in that area in the last 6 months. I am basically finding my voice here and now. *  *  *  *  *  * From the beginning when I have asked what my purpose is I have been told to heal, at first I thought that I needed healing which was partly true but also that I am to be of service. The gratitude that I feel for having received this knowledge is beyond words, and I realize that what has been given to me can also be taken from me. I am still learning and I will be learning for the rest of my life as the journey unfolds. Again I am writing this to introduce myself for possible clients but also to share  and get in touch with people that might be experiencing the same as me.  *  *  *  *  *  * Thank you for reading! All is LOVE

A little update

This year has been very intense in many ways and I’m sure many of you have been feeling maybe challenged by the changes in the world. I’v...

A little update

This year has been very intense in many ways and I’m sure many of you have been feeling maybe challenged by the changes in the world. I’v...
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