The Immersion Program

This program is for those that wants to dive deep and to awaken their own Kundalini Energy. This intensive program is a 6-months immersion that consists of 12 healing sessions spread out over 6 months.

In this program you meet me, Kristina every week over WhatsApp. Every two weeks you have a healing session that's between 3-4 hours, working on clearing blockages that are blocking the flow of light through your being.


Then every two weeks we also meet for an integration talk, where we talk about things that may have come up between sessions as well as small adjustments and alignments in the field that may be needed.

Who is this program for?


This is for anyone that has had a couple of sessions with me already. Someone that wants to go deeper and that is ready to commit to a 6 month program


What do you receive?

- 12 Healing sessions
- 12 Integration calls
What's The Cost?

A one time payment of $4000 or a payment plan of $555 per month for 8 months